AwardSentry™ is a complete award management system created to make managing your organization's awards program easier and less time-consuming. AwardSentry BQ Edition™ is built around the IABC 7-point judging scale and allows for multiple divisions and categories with custom weighting options for your Bronze Quill event.

Easy Setup & Management

AwardSentry™ allows you to customize your program with unlimited deadlines and entry fees. Set up as many divisions and categories as you need. We know your program is unique, and we're ready to handle it. Set up your program today, and watch the entries roll in tomorrow.

Streamlined Award Entry

AwardSentry™ features a user-friendly entry process and seamless payment checkout. Eliminate the hassle of multiple copies of paper entry forms, and make it easy for your members to enter entries. More entries means more funds for your chapter's awards program.

Online Judging & Scoring

AwardSentry™ puts your awards judging process online. Make it easy for judges to score your members' work, and make it easy for your volunteers to manage. Assign entries and follow their progress in real time. The best part is AwardSentry™ does the math for you!